Doré Bak is the author of the novella Love Stalks. A summer discount deal will be offered for four days: July 1 – 4, 2014 on Amazon’s online Kindle Store. See below for more details.

Synopsis of Love Stalks:

Lester Chang enjoys reading about the love life of the Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard and has a fetish for white women, especially Nordic beauties. Despite being born in Canada, he struggles with the English language in the presence of attractive, white women. Sexually frustrated, he turns to a prostitute to act out his masochistic fantasies. Soon after this encounter, darker thoughts arouse him. He then stalks Toronto in the night. When he recognizes a familiar figure, he stops and will soon discover a new kind of love.


KINDLE COUNTDOWN DEAL: Beginning July 1, 2014 for 48 hours, a copy of this Kindle ebook will be available on Amazon’s online Kindle Store at about a 67% discount. Beginning July 3, 2014, for another 48 hours, the price will be increased, resulting in a smaller discount of about 33%. The Kindle Countdown Deal ends on July 5, 2014 and the price will revert to the original price. This promotion starts and ends at approximately midnight Pacific Standard Time.

Outside the promotional period, this Kindle edition of Love Stalks is available for purchase at the original price on Amazon’s online Kindle Store. Sample pages may be viewed there by clicking the “Look Inside” link. From now until September 6, 2014, Amazon Prime subscribers who own a Kindle device may also borrow a copy from the Owners’ Lending Library.